Football is Back! Turn Fantasy into Reality

One telltale sign that summer is quickly winding down and fall is in the air is that football is back! What better way to celebrate that than spending countless hours crafting/drafting and monitoring your retirement plan…err your fantasy football team.  I think one would be hard pressed to find an office where fantasy football didn’t dominate conversations every Monday morning.  According to a recent New York Times article, nearly 75 Million Americans will participate in fantasy football this year and spend roughly $4.6Billion doing so.  While sitting down with friends and going over draft sheets, making weekly changes and being actively engaged in the fantasy football process is fun, it always works better with a plan.  I don’t think I have met a person who expects to win their fantasy football league simply by picking random players, never making trades, and hoping for the best come February.  And honestly there is nothing worse than finding yourself with no starting quarterback because you didn’t manage your roster correctly and injuries riddled your team. 

Here at Lignum Wealth Management we believe our clients are better prepared for what retirement will bring when they take the time to craft a detailed retirement plan that can prevent pitfalls, grow assets, and put them in the best possible place when that “superbowl” of all the years of hard work is upon them…retirement!  Unfortunately, according to a recent survey by Personal Capital, 39% of Millennials have zero saved for retirement, followed by Gen Xers at 34% with zero saved and 32% for Baby Boomers.  What that means is essentially 1 in 3 older workers is totally unprepared for their golden years.  While we know that saving for retirement can be a daunting task, we also know that doing it alone can be even more challenging.  Just like crafting a fantasy football team that will fly on all cylinders takes a process, we feel that planning for retirement is no different.  We work hard with our clients to make sure they are saving at appropriate levels, managing risk, and building portfolios that align with their goals and risk profile.  Unlike fantasy football we don’t get to start over every year, so we work to make sure our clients are best prepared to build year after year until the day they can finally hang it up.

As the colder weather returns and football season heats up consider carving out some of your fantasy football time to turn your retirement dreams into a reality…GO PATS!!!

- Michael Krisko, Managing Partner, Lignum Wealth Management


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After graduating from Babson College, where he studied business management and finance, Michael spent 10 years with Ameriprise Financial Services developing his client-first approach to wealth management practices. He prides himself on having an intimate understanding of his clients’ unique needs, concerns, and goals, which allows him to implement thoughtful and strategic planning to address each. Learn more about Michael. 



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